Whether to detonate or renovate

Published March 27, 2019 | By

renovate floors and tiles


Should we renovate or remove it? This is normally a comment that is thrown around by real estate agents and builders. Rarely is it used in the context of facilities management. This week, at the Victorian Association of Catholic Primary School Principals (VACPSP) conference, we are giving people clear examples of how a real estate mindset might save many thousands of dollars if a school was to choose to renew rather than rip out and replace.

Our process of floor renewal, whether it be through tile and grout deep cleaning, floor refinishing or just simply more effective cleaning will save thousands, will make your buildings look more appealing, will remove awful smells associated with unsanitary and unsightly tiles and grout and will make floors safe against accidents and the like. Book an appointment to meet our team and understand what could be possible for you.