Hygiene Services

Sebastian Property Services provide a wide range of safe and healthy commercial cleaning solutions.

Truly Clean Commercial Office Spaces

By following the Sebastian Complete Cleaning Solution, our team will ensure that your team members are able to work in a clean, hygienic and safe environment. A good indoor air and environment quality help people to work more efficiently. Using a combination of Microfibre Cleaning Technology, cloth mops and window tools together with cleaning fluids that are safe to use and work around means that we will take out more of the contaminants from the environment.

Your employees will appreciate the nicer environment and you will appreciate that employee absence due to illness can be reduced. Furthermore, we’re proud not to use overly fragranced cleaning solutions, as we prefer to use environmentally-friendly cleaning material that is not obscuring bad odours. When we finish cleaning your commercial office in Melbourne or Victoria, it will be sparkling clean and won’t need any strong artificial smells to cover anything up.

Professional Commercial Office Cleaning Since 1982

Sebastian Property Services are proud to be in the industry for more than 35 years. During those many years, our cleaning processes have evolved with technology and our knowledge continues to grow year by year. We opt for the safest and most gentle cleaning solutions that bring the same or even better, more long-lasting effects than aggressive chemical cleaning processes. Standing by our principles is why our clients are knowing us as trustworthy and effective partners that continue to meet and exceed their expectations.

If your commercial office, factory or shop is requiring safe and healthy cleaning, just get in touch with us to get a non-obligatory quote for our services. For regular services, we offer competitively priced cleaning packages and we can also supply you with additional products such as bins or toilet paper.