Hotel Cleaning & Housekeeping Services

Sebastian provide the wide range of commercial cleaning, Hotel and Housekeeping Services packages that you need.

When you go on holidays, no doubt you look forward to rest, relaxation, a little bit of luxury and anything that takes you away from the everyday.  You want to know that the whole place is clean.

So when you arrive at a destination, whether it is a hotel, resort, holiday house or camping ground, the last thing you want is to feel that the place is dirty and might make your skin crawl or worse still, make you sick.

Our experience in hotel cleaning for Hygiene and presentation is designed to ensure that the guest impression of the property adds to their experience is invaluable.

Using our tested methodologies, we ensure that hygiene, presentation and attention to detail are at the heart of what we do to make your guests love you.

Our clients trust us to make sure that their guests have a great holiday.  Our Team cleans all of the on-site accommodation and amenities at Wilson’s Promontory National Park, one of the jewels in the tourism crown of the State of Victoria