Waste Management

Sebastian Property Services will help you clear your corporate clutter and do some community good at the same time.

What to do with old corporate furniture or archives?

Strip Out – Donate – ReUse – Chuck Out

Relocating, closing down or just plain upgrading to new means at least one hassle you will probably not want to manage: What to do with the daggy, old furniture, old archives and associated waste? Our corporate waste removal service in Melbourne and Victoria will take care of that efficiently, keeping the environment in mind.

Our experienced team will carry out the old furniture and files, arrange professional and safe document destruction (and a certificate), strip out the area and get all of this off-site and out of sight. We will arrange to donate it to charity, recycle or chuck it out when all else fails. Then we will clean up the area and get it ready for your new furniture or the next tenant. You don’t have to worry about a thing – you focus on your business while we’ll do all the hard work.

Our Corporate Removal Services

Our team of removal partners can be called upon to assist you with all manner of services that you need when your business relocates. From telecommunications solutions to electrical, plumbing, fit-out, archiving, relocation planning and the act of moving itself, it can all be sorted out. We know that removals or waste recycling are probably high on your wish list, but low on your priority list – it’s just so much work. Sebastian Property Services takes the work out of it for you, so you can focus on the good part: Getting the new stuff in when we’re finished taking the old stuff out and / or moving it to a new location.

Donating or recycling as much of your corporate waste as we can is a cause important to us. We believe in environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions and we don’t stop there. If your old office chairs are not pretty anymore, they might still be useful to someone who can’t afford a new one. With our corporate removal services in Melbourne and Victoria, we help you to modernise your office and at the same time doing something good for the world.