Leaders Change Games, Followers Play Old Games.  Which are you?

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In this leaders versus followers contest, the debate is whether to use Compostable or  Traditional Plastic Bags.


Are you going to play for “Team Sebstainable” or “Team Planet Killers”?


Team Planet Killers are the anti-changers, zealously protecting their right to destroy OUR kids and THEIR kids and THEIR kids futures, as they argue to continue to use plastic bags, even if they are the 15 cent ones from the supermarket giants.  By the way where is that money going?

The Facts About Plastic Bags Are: 

  • Single use bags are cheap to buy and  can be used more than once.
  • Single Use bags cost more in the long term
  • Plastic materials can take up to 450 years to be broken down, (if ever)  True they may say degradable or bio-degradable, but never REALLY GONE.  We need vast tracts of land fill to deal with the fallout.
  •  The largest pollutants in the ocean are plastics
  •  Whales, dolphins, other marine animals and sea birds are dying after ingesting plastics.
  • Plastics are not a naturally occurring product
  • Plastics are made with Petrochemicals and other carcinogens. They are not only a non renewable source, they are bad for you……….. forget about rising tides for a moment (only a moment) and think about cancer.  How many people do you know have been touched by it?

Micro plastics are now contaminating Fish, we eat fish, thereby we are eating plastic and by extension ingesting petrochemicals and carcinogens.

Right now, I am thinking that the argument for using plastic bags is pretty bad.  The good news is that governments globally are reacting to the need to change, albeit at a glacial pace…………… Why so slowly?  Could it be Big Oil or another self interest group?

Team Sebstainable is playing for keeps, just like the 70s campaign for Keeping Australia Beautiful, difference is we have pumped up the volume.  This time we are playing to win, because we are playing for a sustainable future.

The alternative is not plastic, it’s fantastic, it’s COMPOSTABLE.

The Facts About Compostable Alternatives Are:

  • Sugar Cane Pulp is derived from a renewable source and is a bi-product of a commercially grown crop. Sugar Cane for sugar production. It regenerates annually
  • Corn Starch is derived from a renewable source and is a bi-product of a commercially grown crop. Corn used by Billions of people in their daily food intake. It regenerates annually
  • Single use bags and many if not all other barrier material that is currently made from plastics can be made from either corn starch or sugar cane pulp.
  • The governments of the world are going to insist that single use plastics are no longer used.  Eventually you will have no alternative than to adopt
  • Any bag that is currently made of traditional plastic can be made from compostable product.
  • That same single use bag made from compostable material can be reused if desired – although it will have a life span where it must be replaced.
  • Even, when going to landfill, Compostable products will be gone within 90-180 days.  As the worms and other microbes in the soil come into contact with and eat the bags, the contained waste will be broken down.
  • A compostable bag that enters a salt water source will commence breaking down within days.  Reducing the likelihood of a marine animal or sea bird from choking on it.

Whilst neither list is exhaustive, on the balance of it, even the most rusted on plastics enthusiast could only concede that plastics must go as alternatives are made available.

What can you do to make a Sustainable Difference?

Make a change- be a leader not a laggard. Get ahead of your competition and make a switch.  Give yourself a good news story.  Make a stand for your Kids and theirs and if you don’t have any of your own, make a stand for your 7 Billion fellow planet occupiers and many Billions to follow.

If you look at the long term benefit to your business and the environment, you know that a few cents more each day will pay it forward.  Be SEBSTAINABLE!  Contact us today to make change!

Let’s work towards a time where the planet has No More Plastic Crap being dumped in it. Together we CAN make a difference.

Let’s SEA Change.