Professional Floor Cleaning in Melbourne – Make Your Tiles Look Like New

You have invested thousands or sometimes millions of dollars in laying tiles to make your place or business look beautiful. Sadly though, over time, your grout will soil up, the tiles may hold dirt and not look as good as they once did. Our experienced team comes to your rescue. Using our specialist tile and grout cleaning and sealing processes, we can restore your tiles to look like new.

Tiles, polished concrete, raw concrete and exposed aggregate can take a battering and look awful. Mould and dirt build up and not only look bad but also might become slippery, exposing you to slip, trip and fall hazards. Take away the risk and arrange to have our professional floor cleaning teams work their magic.

Specialist Wall Cleaning in Melbourne & Victoria

The same goes for tiled walls. Over the years, the grout will get dirty and by simply scrubbing over it, you don’t get them back to their original colour. This does not only look bad, but might also be a health hazard. The professional Sebastian Property Services team also has a solution for this: With our specialist equipment, we’ll tackle dirty walls and bring them back to their clean and beautiful look. Instead of paying a huge amount of money for renovating, decide to use a small budget instead to get your walls or floors cleaned professionally. Sebastian Property Services are highly experienced in floor and wall cleaning in Melbourne and Victoria. We’ll provide a competitive quote – just get in touch and let us know what you need.