You really want to ask a few questions before calling
so here are the most commonly asked questions and our response.

How Much will my cleaning cost me?

That depends on many factors, such as how often you require service, what time of the week, weekends we must pay our team more and therefore your fee will be more than it would be on a weekday. We will carry out an onsite assessment before finalising a quote

Where does your team go to? How far away from Head Office will you work?

Our Head Office is in Bayswater, but our teams work in most provincial cities and many places in between. We have done work in Hamilton, Benalla, Myrtleford, Sale, Bairnsdale and throughout Gippsland. We have people working all across Melbourne.

Do you employ your staff or do you subcontract?

We employ all members of our team as direct employees. They work for us. We will not be responsible for your company being on the front page of The Age or the local paper because your cleaners are being mistreated and cheated of their wages.

Will I be able to speak to anyone if I have a problem?

Yes. You will be appointed a Customer Service Supervisor as your first point of contact.

Who owns the Company?

The Marsh and Mitchell families. Matt Marsh is Managing Director and Ross Mitchell is Sales & Marketing Director

Do the owners know what is happening at the jobs?

Matt and Ross work in the business and are known by most clients.

Are you Insured?

Yes, we have all the required insurances, including Public Liability, WorkCover and Motor Vehicle Insurances. We renew these yearly and are happy to supply you with a copy once we start.

Are you Quality Assured?

Yes, we have been certified by SGS and hold Certificates for our Quality Management ISO9001, Environmental Management ISO 14000 and Safety Management System AS/NZS 4801

How safe are your cleaning products?

The everyday products are safe for you, your staff, your customers, your fittings and just as importantly, the environment. We use a range of cleaning fluids (not chemicals) that are made up of salt, water and electricity to make safe, non-toxic, non-injurious products.

What about the equipment, do you supply that?

Yes, we supply all the equipment to be used on your site, it is tagged and tested and well maintained. Depending on your requirements, we may use new equipment and other times we may move equipment between sites.

Can you supply me with toilet paper etc.

Yes. Due to our procurement processes and volume discounts, we can supply products at very competitive rates.

I need sanitary hygiene bins; can you supply those?

Yes. In fact, we have our own branded products that we manage and supply for competitive rates.

Is there a minimum charge for your services?

Typically for one off work we apply a minimum charge of $350.00 +GST for the call out and the first 2 hours on site, after that there will a quoted amount. For regular office or retail cleaning work our minimum charge per service is typically $120.00 + GST.