Back to Beautiful: Professional Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne & Victoria

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can be as “cheap as chips” or it can be done by truly professional operators. Using the best equipment produces the best outcome. We use the most appropriate, fit for purpose process that’s relative to your needs. With hot water extraction (often called steam cleaning), dry cleaning and encapsulation methods, Sebastian Property Services can get your upholstery or carpet clean as new again. Our equipment enables us to use the highest possible temperature with the least amount of chemicals and produce the shortest amount of drying time. The result is that you can use the area quickly after we’re done. How good is that?

Many operators merely warm-wash the carpet or furniture, leaving it very damp and using excessive amounts of chemicals. The result of this technique is wet clothing (frustrating and annoying), longer drying times (lost productivity), shrinking or stretching of the fabric (costly repairs or replacement) and faster resoiling (increased expense as it requires more frequent cleaning).

Your Advantages

Whether it’s normal use, messy children or pets that might stain or affect a carpet or your upholstery over time, there’s usually a fair bit of dirt clinging to the fabrics and making them darker over time. With a professional upholstery or carpet cleaning, our friendly team makes your fabrics appear like new while at the same time treating them as careful as possible. Sebastian Property Services are working in the cleaning industry since 1982 and we make sure to grow with time and use the latest technology to work effectively and environmentally friendly.

Instead of throwing out your sofa or replacing the carpet, you can get a specialist upholstery or carpet cleaning service in Melbourne or Victoria from Sebastian Property Services. It’ll cost you significantly less, plus it’s less work and you’ll be able to use the space again shortly after we’re finished cleaning it. Get an affordable quote by simply providing us with the details of the upholstery or carpet you’d like to have cleaned.