We are Sebastian Property Services

Sebastian Property Services was founded in 1982 and since then has continually expanded both in terms of services and available regions. Our focus on relationships, built on over 35 years of cleaning solutions, drives our passionate, award-winning teams to make a difference to the community. We are our client’s trusted partners in cleaning and we are proud to provide the most essential services in property. Our property services include commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, property services, hotel cleaning and housekeeping services, corporate waste removal, specialist floor and wall cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning. The team of Sebastian Group is bound by five essential values: respect, well-being, passion, fairness and precision. Together we embrace our values and strive for the best performance possible.

Our Property Solutions

Our solutions-based approach to cleaning and property maintenance services ensures that our services deliver what we say. Even though it started with cleaning back in 1982 (check out the Sebastian Historical Timeline), we continuously broaden our property services to deliver even more value for our clients. Another important issue for us is the well-being of our cleaners, which is why they’re all directly employed by us. The Sebastian Group stands for treating and paying all their cleaners correctly.

We’re providing our property and cleaning services all around Melbourne, the surrounding suburbs and the surrounding regions such as Gippsland, Hamilton and Myrtleford. The Sebastian Group Head Office is located in Bayswater. We’re fully insured with all necessary insurances, such as public liability, WorkCover and a motor vehicle insurance – if you’re keen, we can provide a copy of those once we started working together. Transparency and trustworthiness are extremely important to us. Our well-managed team is looking forward to working with you.