Schools Trust our Team for their Cleaning

Sebastian provide the wide range of commercial cleaning packages that you need.

We look after the hygienic presentation of 30 schools and more than 10,000 students. That makes us a leading company cleaning Schools.

Most cleaners are looking to make things look pretty, but that doesn’t mean that things are clean.

Our own Children reported “that they would not use the toilets at school because they were filthy”.  That is not safe and is not fair to the kids.

If your school is not properly cleaned, your students and staff are at risk of getting sick.

Whether you are the principal, business manager, property manager or school council president, you will have cleaning that is being carried out with the health and hygiene needs of the school as the first port of call.

We work with you to agree on what your outcomes are, we plan the work, we train our staff and execute with the intention of providing you the opportunity to work on educating the students, not worrying whether the toilets were cleaned last night.